Parish surveys

Neighbourhood Planning in the Parish

The future of our Parish

should be everyone’s concern

Please show us how much you care about our Parish


In January 2014, we need everyone to fill in two surveys which you can choose to return anonymously.

First a general survey. Tell us what YOU think about housing, environment and countryside, facilities for children and the elderly, services such as electricity and sewage, and traffic and transport issues.

Second a housing needs survey. This survey is in two parts. The first part will ask you for details about your current house such as number of bedrooms, whether detached or semi and the number of people who live in it. The second part will ask you what kind of house you think you or your family will need in the future.

These two surveys will be hand delivered to your house in mid January 2014. Please find time to fill them in and post them in the pre-paid envelope to our consultants, Action in rural Sussex (AirS), who will analyse the results.

Why? They will help AirS and the Steering Committee to write the “State of the Parish Report”, the first part of the Neighbourhood Plan – our vision of what we want the Parish to look like in the future.

You can contact us through: or or post in suggestion boxes in Black Horse, White Horse or Mannings Heath Shop.   

We hope you have had a good Christmas and wish you all a very happy New Year.

From Owen Hydes and all of us on the Steering Committee.

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