SC Minutes (14/08/2013)



held on the 14TH AUGUST 2013 at


Commencing at 8.00pm


J. Le Rosignol (Acting Chairman), O. Hydes, R. Webber, F. Bayo (AiRS),

V.Court (NPC Chairman), D.Livingstone, J. Fortune, N.Matcham, S. Hurst, C.Beer, P.Bullen, M.Farrow, M.Large, P.MacIvor-Smith, A.Langford, F.Brennan, R.Cato,





were received from T.Russell and P.Lusty , withdrawal was received from L. Butterfield.



JLR, opened the meeting by welcoming everybody present followed by an explanation of the Localism Act and how we have arrived to this point in the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan with the support of Nuthurst Parish Council’s decision at their June meeting to agree to a plan for the Parish with 3 Councillors JLR, OH, RW forming a Working Party to start the process.

JLR went on to explain the stages required to the ultimate approval of the Plan and its statutory and legal powers.

JLR requested questions from the floor. VC raised 2 points regarding the length of SC meetings and HDC support available. It was agreed to insert 2 hours maximum into the Terms of Reference (ToR). Other minor procedural questions were answered by JLR and FB to everybodies’ satisfaction.

RC requested that everybody present introduce themselves.

JLR introduced FB to explain AiRS role in creating a draft Neighbourhood Plan and to manage the steering committee selection.



FB explained the structure of a NP and how a SC was formed in other Parishes. She identified the size of Nuthurst Parish and an ideal number of members to create an effective committee. The recommendation was for 12 plus advisors. FB told members that a sole member representation from a hamlet and certain organisations would have automatic selection. It was important that a good balance of interests and representation was created as it would be favourable to future inspections. Transparency was paramount and all meetings would be held in public unless it was agreed otherwise.

FB stressed that if members had a particular interest in any Agenda item it must be declared at the start of the meeting.

JLR asked for question from the floor before the selection process was started.

DL stated that Copsale Village Hall was not represented as an ‘organisation’. RW said all local organisations had been invited and that it would be investigated. Subsequent to this meeting it was confirmed to DL that invitations had been sent out, but no response had been received.

All other questions raised were answered to the satisfaction of the member and required no recording. RC confirmed that MHAG fully supported the NP and that their own agenda was short term and specific to the Saddlers Farm proposed development.



FB followed the analysis by OH of all respondents for the SC and the criteria of selection as previously explained. The following members were selected:-

PC                    Owen Hydes

PC                    John Le Rosignol

PC                    Richard Webber

Org. (MHAG)   Roger Cato

Nuthurst          John Fortune

Monks Gate     Tim Russell

Sedgewick       Dennis Livingstone

Maplehurst     Paddy Bullen

Maplehurst     Paul Lusty

Copsale           Paul MacIvor-Smith

Mannings Hth Frank Brennan

Mannings Hth Tony Turner


FB invited OH to be Chairman based on previous explanation of a Councillor with planning experience chairing the process OH accepted. The meeting proposed TT as Vice Chairman on behalf of the Parish Community. Subsequent to this selection TT withdrew because of other commitments.

VC pointed out that no females were on the Committee. RW explained that 2 had expressed interest in serving on the SC. One had withdrawn due to commitments and the other resident did not attend the meeting or send an apology. Subsequent to the meeting the lady in question informed the Secretary she had been away on holiday and apologized for her non-attendance.



OH requested Focus Group Representatives. FB explained that the role of the chosen person was to report monthly to the SC, they could be Chairperson of the said group or just the spokesperson.

RW offered to be representative for Farming, Environment & Countryside Focus Group, DL for Travel & Transport and PB for Housing & Development. TR was selected for Community Infrastructure & Local Economy because he was the only SC member on that Group.


OH advised the Committee members that there was insufficient time to deal with the rest of the Agenda and it would be dealt with at the first SC meeting which he would plan as soon as possible. OH thanked FB for her valuable advice, JLR and RW for their work on the Working Party and everyone else for attending the meeting.


OH declared the meeting closed at 10.05pm

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