SC Minutes (30/10/13)



held on the 30th October 2013 at

Mannings Heath VILLAGE HALL, Mannings Heath

Commencing at 8.00pm


O. Hydes (Chairman), R. Webber (Secretary), F Brennan (Treasurer), J. Le Rossignol,  J. Fortune, M. Kenny, S. Hurst, D. Livingstone, P. Lusty (Publicity Officer),, P. Bullen (Vice Chairman), P. Smith, R. Cato,

Seven members of the public were also present



OH welcomed everyone and introduced Melanie Kenny and Simon Hirst to their first SC meeting.



None received



OH advised that Nuthurst PC had still not received Designation from HDC. OH pointed out that it had to go through an approval process from the head of the Planning Dept. and a cabinet member. He was confident that approval would be within days.

OH advised members that the numbering of items from 9 down would need to be corrected on their agendas



OH advised members that for future meetings, they would need to declare interest in any item on the agenda that would directly affect them or close family members financially or in their personal interests at this stage of the meeting. The member would forgo any voting rights or take part in the discussion.



These were agreed and signed in the presence of the committee members.



RC requested that the minutes be made available sooner, it was confirmed that members would be circulated within a week for approval and subsequently posted on the Parish website. No other matters were raised from the members.




07/301013    PUBLIC FORUM

Alan Langford requested that the notice period was increased giving insufficient time for attending. He also was concerned that the details had not been posted on the Parish website. His second point was to provide an improved website and we should look at Slaugham as a guide. Third point a request for two public forum sessions within the meeting. This was put to the vote and a maximum of 15mins were agreed in 2 sessions as a trial, one near the beginning and one near the end of the meeting.

Martin Large showed concern at the SWOT example and also asked if local businesses had been contacted for their involvement with the NP process. RW responded that all local businesses had been circulated at the outset and no response had been received.

Chris Beer supported the requests of the previous speakers. He was concerned at the wording of one of the leaflets and requested we asked HDC for guidance on the SWOT process.

SC member PB stated we needed to proceed at a pace commensurate with the professional advice given and paid for by us and not to be railroaded on our timescales. RC responded that there was a need to proceed as fast as possible, but recognised that we had to conform to correct procedures.

Valerie Court, Chair of NPC, pointed out to all concerned that the NP project was Parish Council led and would not allow any persons or Groups to overly influence the strictly laid down procedures by Government and HDC. She also stated as yet designation approval had not been given and no funding has been received or offered.



FB said an invoice for £44 – hire of Copsale Hall had been received and £120 for the Parish Profile, both were approved for payment .

He stated that the Treasurers job was minimal as the Parish paid for all items. He raised the issue of VAT. He was advised, this was reclaimed in full by the Parish.

For the future he would monitor and note the expenditure against the budget.


9/301013    FOCUS GROUP REPORTS (all minutes had been circulated)


Housing and Development PB reported there was a slight change in the Parish’s boundary also there was a discrepancy in the housing numbers published by HDC, census and their own count. HDC 715, 759 FG, 780 Census. 67 new dwellings have been erected in the last 20 years equating to 3.4 per annum.


Farming, Environment & Countryside RW apologised due to absence he was not up to speed. He did say a survey had been conducted with the farming community and number of interesting observations had come out of it that would be shared at a future date.


Community, Infrastructure and Local Economy SH reported that steady progress was being made and his teal was working hard gathering information.


 Traffic and Transport DL reported they had conducted survey of roads they regarded as having possible rat runs at rush hour times. A traffic volume survey was also to be actioned and noting accident black spots. Also the team is looking at Public Transport in the Parish.


10/301013 OPEN DAYS

OH told the members that a notice of the open days would be in the Link. He had circulated posters for one of the display boards. He advised that 5 boards had been lent by HDC for our two open days on afternoon of 9th & evening of 12th November.

MK was concerned at the timing and whether we have a enough time to do an effective job.

An intervention to the meeting occurred by two members of the public resulting in one leaving the hall.

PL reported that the open day posters had been placed on notice boards, bus shelters, telegraph posts and wherever the public would notice them. Facebook was about to go live.

SH stated the key was reaching everybody in the Parish. A number of members showed concern on how to effectively reach the hamlets, as it appeared Mannings Heath was well served. It was agreed to accept MHAG’s offer to email the notice to all their members, but the notice not be put up on the MHAG website. Committee members and members of the public offered assistance in door-to-door deliveries in the hamlets and PL would provide the notices for this.

It was agreed that the sub-committee would meet early the following week to plan the detailed arrangements for the open days.

Both OH and SH confirmed there would be various means for residents to respond on the days.

OH was advised there was a ‘bacon Butty’ day at Copsale VH and that we could operate a NP Surgery there in the morning.


11/301013    TIMESCALES

OH advised members that the revised timescales were based on advice from AirS and contained in paper SC/6. It was agreed following a suggestion from RC that progress against the timescales needed to be monitored.



Dropbox – It was generally agreed that ‘Dropbox’ was the way forward. Two issues were raised by members 1. viewing rights and 2. ability to file information in Dropbox and for it to be accessible to Focus Groups and other selected people.

SH raised the concern of deletion of documents by any member. It was agreed RW would investigate and report back at the next meeting.

Emails – it was generally agreed that anybody receiving an email and wishes to respond should respond only to the subject matter. If the member wishes to raise another unrelated point then that must be a new email. This was agreed that everyone should add their telephone numbers to their emails.

13/301013    SWOT ANALYSIS

This was deferred to a later stage in the NP process and would seek HDC and AirS guidance on the way forward to ensure acceptability by the approving authorities.



OH said the result of the ‘Open Days’ would be on the Agenda. In addition, status on the Designation, funding and Dropbox, plus the statutory items. OH and RW would submit the agenda nearer the time. Members are entitled to discuss with OH any issues they deem require SC consideration before by the 18th November 2013.



The next meeting is to be Tuesday 26th November 2013 at 8pm at Copsale Village Hall.


OH declared the meeting closed at 9.45pm

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