Call for Potential Sites

Nuthurst Parish Council is preparing a Neighbourhood Plan under the provisions of the Localism Act 2011 and it has established a Steering Committee to prepare the Plan.

This Plan will set out a vision of how residents and organisations want their Parish to develop in the next 15 years. The Plan will include amongst other aspects, how many houses should be built, what type they should be (flats, bungalows etc.) and on what type of land (brown field, countryside etc.). The Plan will also identify and protect important local green spaces and consider the current state of the infrastructure in the Parish.

The Parish is required to “call for sites” that may be suitable for development, proposed by land owners or their agents. Sites put forward will be assessed by the Steering Committee assisted by the Parish Council’s consultants, Action in rural Sussex (AirS), according to policies and criteria developed as a result of extensive consultation with residents and organisations in the Parish.

If you would like a site to be considered by the Steering Committee for possible inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan, please write to:

Mrs Sarah Hall, Clerk to Nuthurst Parish Council, North Cottage, Brighton Road, Lower Beeding, West Sussex RH13 6NH.

E-mail:; or

Mr Richard Webber, Secretary to Nuthurst Parish Neighbourhood Plan, 18 Woodlands Walk, Mannings Heath, West Sussex RH13 6JG.


Deadline for replies: 28 February 2014

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