Minutes of Steering Committee (Sc) Meeting No.5





held on the 7th January 2014 at


Commencing at 8.00pm


O. Hydes (Chairman), P. Bullen (Vice Chairman), R. Webber (Secretary), F Brennan (Treasurer), J. Fortune, M. Kenny, D. Livingstone, P. Lusty (Publicity Officer), P. Smith, S. Hurst

Two members of the public were also present


OH welcomed everyone including Duncan England, Parish and District Councillor, as a non-voting member. He explained we could have up to 3 non-voting positions available on the committee and stated that DE had already helped considerably with requesting HDC to supply a number of services. DE could not attend tonight.


J. le Rossignol and Faustina Bayo.


OH advised that he had not received any letter, nor to his knowledge had the Parish Council, from the solicitors Roger Cato had mentioned in a previous email. If one was received it would be dealt with by the Parish Council as the SC was sub-committee of the PC.


There were none.


FB stated that his amendments to the minutes previously circulated were not included. OH said they were in a précised form. RW requested that FB resend them to him and he would incorporate verbatim. The minutes of 26th November 2013 were duly signed with FB’s amendment added.

06/070114    MATTERS ARISING

OH reported that the analysis of the open days had been circulated to all Focus Groups for their Closing Reports required for the State of the Parish Report.


OH explained that the Parish Council had a similar document and he felt that it was important that all of us who were volunteers are respected at all times, especially after the difficult time the committee had over the Autumn period. He proposed two options. 1. To set up a sub-committee to look at the detail and 2. To accept the code as submitted. JF proposed acceptance of option 2. SH requested a correction on the numbering which was duly noted and the code was approved.

The final version was to be circulated for signature by committee members and returned at the next meeting. ACTION: OH

08/070114     PUBLIC FORUM

Val Court, Chair of the Parish Council, reaffirmed that HDC and WSCC also had a Code of Conduct that Councillors had to sign up to. VC stated she had talked with DE to secure a grant for the Housing Needs Survey from HDC. VC was pleased to report to the SC that 50% of the cost of the survey had been secured.


FB presented a cash flow spreadsheet. He explained we would have a small liability of £56 on Mannings Heath Village Hall hire and requested that where savings could be made we should do so as he was concerned that the budget for hire of the halls in this financial year would be exceeded. RW suggested we review the future requirements of meetings. FB recommended that a meeting with Sarah should be set up and to include the secretary and or Chairman of the SC, so the financial procedures are understood by all.


Minutes of the FG meetings had been circulated.

Housing and Development

PB said they were meeting on Thursday in relation to the State of the Parish Report. He explained they had decided to go back 30yrs rather than 20yrs for numbers of houses built as that provided a truer picture of the Parish’s evolvement. In total there were 152 dwellings with 48% being in developments of 6 + dwellings. This represents a growth rate of about 5 houses per year. Largest developments in the period are Whytings at 29, Woodlands Walk 22 and Winterpit Close 12. PB said 28 barn conversions had taken place in the Copsale, Sedgwick and Kerves Lane areas.

Farming, Environment & Countryside

RW reported that a new member had joined the Group – Judy Brown. He raised a concern the group had on the explanation of the NP process to residents as there still appears to be considerable ignorance. RW requested the committee to be aware of this and whenever possible enlighten the community.

A meeting had been arranged on the 8th January to discuss the State of the Parish Report.

Community, Infrastructure and Local Economy

SH said they were in a similar position as the FEC Group and were having a meeting shortly to discuss the Closing Report.

Traffic and Transport

DL said they had considerable information from a range of surveys conducted and had virtually completed their Closing Report with a 9 page executive summary. They had also made recommendations regarding road safety, community transport, flooding, ditches, pavements, signage and school parking. DL wished his thanks to be recorded for the amount of work the Group had undertaken.

RW reiterated the need for evidential content in all reports with a source glossary.

OH thanked all the FG representatives and group members.

11/070114     WEBSITE

SH explained that the website was a content site which we and residents contribute to. The site was to elicit a dialogue with the community. It would have SH and PL as moderators to accept and publish comment based on the guidance and the terms and conditions (T&Cs) published on the site. SH recommended that content published should be written in such a way as to encourage a response. FB asked whether comments have to go through the SC. SH said there were the protocols in place covered by the T&Cs. RW would be a second referral point with the ultimate decision being left with the Chairman.

Publicity of the site was raised. OH said there was a whole range of opportunities to promote the site – Link Magazine, survey, notice boards and on all promotional material.

SH said that there would be a small capital expenditure to ensure no third party advertising is on the site. Cost would be around £20. This was agreed.

OH asked members for the go ahead to launch the site. It was unanimously approved. OH thanked SH for all the work he had put into it. ACTION: SH to arrange for site to go live and OH to arrange publicity opportunities.


MK raised a concern on the way residents entered information as many of the Focus Groups were requesting it in different ways. MK recommended greater conformity. OH explained he was aware of this issue and would raise it with AirS for guidance.

SH said there was repetition on two questions in both H & D and CILE. It was agreed to delete those two from H & D.

OH informed the members that AirS could amend the questions in line with their experience in other surveys.

MK and PB were concerned at there being sufficient time to agree any changes to the questions and wanted to know what was driving the tight deadline. RW explained that the Project timescales were set down at the start of this process, obviously a certain amount of flexibility was available but overall we should try to keep to the original timings.

SH asked about the incorporation of the survey in the FG’s State of the Parish Report. OH explained that AirS who will be writing the report and will take the survey results into account.

It was agreed that an introductory sheet should accompany the survey explaining the NP process and the importance of filling in the surveys. OH said he would raise it with AirS.

JF circulated his own observations of the H&D questionnaire and this was discussed at length with no conclusion. Since the SC could not reach agreement on the questions, OH suggested and the SC agreed that we should submit all the Focus Group questions and JF’s suggestions to AirS for final decision. The final questionnaire would be circulated by e-mail to the SC for approval. ACTION: OH/RW to liaise with AirS to finalise the questionnaire


Circulation of Survey

Distribution was agreed as follows:-

John Fortune

– Nuthurst Street (Flood point) to Galveston Hall, Harriots Close

Paul Maciver-Smith

– Copsale Lane (prior to Elliots), Polecat Lane, Broadwater Lane

Melanie Kenny

– Sedgwick Park, Sedgwick Lane, Kerves Lane (to Bridge)

Paddy Bullen & Paul Lusty

–  (From Galveston Hall), Nuthurst Road Maplehurst, Park Lane, Copsale Road (down to Elliots), Maplehurst Road

Val Court

–  Woodlands Walk, Lime Kiln, Forest Close, Heath Close

Chris Beer

– Swallowfield Close, Church Lane, Brighton Road  (from Old Police

Station MH to Monks Gate Parish Border), Nuthurst Road Monks Gate (to 40mph Speed Sign) Fieldgate Close Monks Gate’

Frank Brennan

– Winterpit Lane, Winteprpit Close, Quarries

Owen Hydes

– Masons Field, Pound Lane, Whytings, Ryecroft Meadow

Simon Hurst

– Goldings Lane, Gaggle Wood, The Birches, The Green, Green Lane,

The Timbers, Hammerpond Road.

Two questions were raised. Could a household photocopy the survey and submit one per person and SH asked could each resident identify the area in which they live. OH said he would raise these with AirS.


MK reported the primary school students’ workshop would be on 28th January 2014.

The older students’ date hadn’t been arranged as yet. OH recommended setting the venue first, then approaching the youth group, deputy head of Millais and the Boys school and the Nuthurst Cricket Club Colts. MK confirmed she would like some help and Val Court offered assistance. ACTION: MK


Arranged for the 21st January 2014 at Mannings Heath Hotel 6.30pm – 8pm. Posters have been circulated and invites delivered to all business residences.

RW explained it was a drop-in visit, with the SC posters used on the Open Day being displayed. Ideally each FG should be represented and bring along any material they think useful. The original posters will be available. PB, SH and DL volunteered for their groups.  RW to ask Alan Selwood if he could attend on behalf of the FEC Group.

AirS will be asked for the type of information they see as important to be gathered from the event.  This is also applicable to item 13/070114.  ACTION: RW/OH


Closing reports, State of the Parish Report, Workshops and call for development sites to be agreed with AirS before being added to the Agenda.


Next meeting Wednesday, 29th January at Mannings Heath Village Hall at 8.00pm

OH declared the meeting closed at 9.55pm.

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