Open Days: 4th and 6th September

Please visit our Open Days

We want lots of you, from right across the Parish, to come to our Open Days and talk to us


Because we will be presenting our “scenarios” (options) for sites where new houses might be built. We want to hear what you think about them.


Thursday 4th September, St Andrews School, Nuthurst, 6 – 9 pm

Saturday 6th September, Mannings Heath Village Hall, 2 – 6 pm

Please come along and keep involved

Our Neighbourhood Plan is vital to protect all of you from large-scale speculative developments

Refreshments will be provided

4 thoughts on “Open Days: 4th and 6th September

  1. In terms of gathering views and feedback on the two scenarios will you be looking at responses as a percentage of the population of each hamlet? If not, there’s only really scenario A on the table for consideration given that Mannings Heath has the higher population.

  2. The Open Day questionnaire, which people will be given on arrival, asks for place of residence (settlement). This will be borne in mind when the Steering Committee analyse the results of the two events

    • As we can’t get to either Open Day, how will we be able to see what the two proposals comprise? and how might we comment? Many thanks. John & Sandra Wills

  3. Our daughter Lindsey Brett will be attending one of the Open Evenings.
    She has a good working knowledge of land law.Bill Button, Saxtons Farm
    Monks Gate.

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