If you couldn’t come to one of our ‘Open Days’

You can access all the display material about the options and the sites, but please note that the first file is very big (over 200MB). Even if you are lucky enough to have superfast broadband this will take a minute or two, with the appallingly low broadband speeds that much of the parish suffers from it could take much, much longer.

Update: Individual files now available here:

Individual site files

You can request a questionnaire to give us your views by filling in the contact form below. 

There will be a short delay before you receive the questionnaire by email as we need to ensure the integrity of the consultation process.

If possible, please submit your reply email by Sunday 14 September.

When the results of the consultation have been analysed and considered, we will let you know the outcome.

We look forward to hearing from you.

5 thoughts on “If you couldn’t come to one of our ‘Open Days’

  1. Serious problems downloading ‘site details’ page. Firefox just returns a blank page, downloading nothing. Explorer brings up a message “Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded”.
    ‘Reserve site’ page downloads with Firefox but Explorer brings up the same message.

    • Both files are PDFs, so it would be worth ensuring that your Internet Explorer security settings aren’t blocking all PDF files. With regard to Firefox and the first, very large file, what is your usual broadband speed, and how long did you wait for the file to download?

  2. Simon, Thank you. With Firefox the shorter document took 1 minute to download with the tell-tale marker starting to move straight away. For the larger document after 40 minutes the tell-tale marker had not even appeared. However, with Explorer security settings now changed, the main document is now downloaded. Its just odd that I have never had these problems before.

    • Thanks for letting me know that you got there in the end – interesting that Explorer coped where Firefox didn’t. I would think most of the problems were due to the size of the sites file. Also, it’s not unknown for automatic application and system updates to affect security settings.

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