2 thoughts on “Open day site information – individual files

  1. This contribution is about the phased release of land in Nuthurst Parish for the potential developments cited at your Open Days, which I attended.
    Your initial starting point was/is based around the parishioners wish to have “5 or fewer [new houses] per year over 15 years”.
    At the Open Days you presented details of 9 potential sites which collectively offered between 58 and 80 new houses (plus 2 reserve sites offering a further 15 to 23 new houses). Whilst these details are still open to further changes and discussion, there will be a time when ‘x’ number of sites will be told that their allocation of ‘y’ number of houses has been included in the final Nuthurst Parish Plan. At that point, virtually all the site holders (only one has so far proposed a delayed release of their plot) are likely to wish to sell their site to developers, who in turn will wish to realise their investment in as short a time as possible.
    The parishioners voted for 5 houses per year over a 15 year period, not 75 houses in year 1 with no further development for a further 14 years. When the time comes for the final referendum vote on the plan, the parishioners will need to know details of what is to be built, when it is to be built and how the supporting services are to be provided, schools, water, drainage, communications etc.
    My point is that parishioners, site owners and, not least of all, potential developers will need to be told how the developments are to be phased, such that the villages are not forced to suffer a huge surge of construction work and new properties in the early part of the 15 year plan. Failure to do so will seriously disregard the expressed wishes of the local population and would run the risk of HDC, if they are put under pressure from a greater authority (perhaps due to expansion at Gatwick), of saying “Thank you very much for building 75 houses so quickly, now we need more.”
    Whilst you may wish to respond directly to this contribution, I know that a number of locals, with whom I was speaking at your Open Days, share a common concern. I would therefore strongly advise that this point be raised at the next Steering Group meeting such that the ‘open forum’ people present are informed that this matter is well in hand.

    David Meares

  2. We are pleased you acknowledge that proposals are not yet “firmed up”. A lot of analysis of parishioners’ views is currently going on and will influence what is put into the draft Neighbourhood Plan.
    We need to be very careful. The parishioners expressed a majority view for an average of 5 or fewer new houses to be built per year over the next 15 years … not an absolute figure of 5 each year.
    But of course, it would be best if house building was phased over the period and we will be discussing this matter with our planning consultant.
    We cannot reasonably speculate about a second runway at Gatwick Airport and the potential consequences at the moment. Our understanding is that once the Neighbourhood Plan has passed the Referendum, it will have legal status and no additional building will be permitted by anyone in the period.
    We need to work through all the issues with utmost care and some answers are not immediately available. However we will keep parishioners informed of matters through this website, so please keep a look out for further news.

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