Question on speculative planning applications

People we meet are raising questions…. and here is one.

We’ve heard that a landowner is about to apply to Horsham District Council (HDC) for planning permission on land that isn’t in the Neighbourhood Plan (NP). Won’t this make the NP redundant?
Our comment: We cannot speak for HDC, but it is now likely that HDC will turn down any Planning Application on the grounds of “prematurity”. This is because the NP has some weight now it is out to Public Consultation. If the landowner then goes to the Planning Inspectorate on Appeal, this will take some while and by the time the Appeal is heard, we hope the Referendum will have taken place and that the NP will have full weight. This will then present the landowner with a “big hill to climb”…(comment from our Planning Consultant)
So we need a NP to GIVE US PROTECTION from this kind of speculative development.  Please, fill in our Consultation Form. You do not need to add a comment if you’re short of time. 

Important Notice

  • We need this draft  Neighbourhood Plan to PROTECT the WHOLE PARISH from speculative development. So, please support it, for everyone’s sake.
  • If you’ve got a question about the draft NP, ASK US by e-mailing You can also come and ask a question and fill in a response form at one of our two Open Day Surgeries on Thursday 27 November, 6.30 – 8.30 pm at St Andrew’s School Nuthurst and on Saturday 29 November, 2 – 4 pm at Mannings Heath Village Hall.
  • Remember: this website is your ONLY source of ACCURATE information.

Please read our draft Neighbourhood Plan and comment on it

Our draft Plan has been prepared following extensive consultation with residents, including survey forms, meetings and Open Days, and reflects the majority views of residents across the Parish. It proposes development on nine sites spread across the Parish. Each site has attached policies that aim to reduce the impact of development and protect the things we value in the Parish. We hope you will support the draft Plan in order to prevent speculative developments in the Parish.

Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Draft Sustainability Appraisal

Evidence base (32 separate files)

CILE SOP ReportFinalCoastal West Sussex SHMA 2012Employment Land Review 2009 Summary part 2 • Employment Land Review 2009 summaryFEC Closing report – Final version 24.03.2014 • FINAL_SHLAA_Report_MAR_2014Gatwick Diamond Local_Strategic_StatementH&D input for SOTP report v1 as submittedHigh Weald AONB Briefing NoteHighWealdManagementPlan_March_2014_2019 • HorshamInfrastructureStudy_May10HorshamSFRA_AppendixBL1 Landscape Character Assessment • Landscape Capacity Study 2014_Mannings_HeathLandscape Capacity StudyLandscape-Capacity-Study2014 • local green spacesM1 Landscape Character AssessmentN1 Landscape Chararacter AssessmentNPCNP Final State of the Parish Report Final 19.05.2014Nuthurst Housing Needs Survey Report – March 2014 – Final Amended • Nuthurst NP community Survey Report – March 2014 – Final 10.4.14 – Appendices broken down by place • Nuthurst NP_Draft SA Report_Nov 2014 (Final)Nuthurst Parish Action plan (2006) • Report on Young People’s EventsRevReportonBusinessEventSiteAssessmentReportSport-Open-Space-Recreation-Assmt2014 • Summary_Retail_Healthcheck_Update_2005T&TClosingReportFinalWest Sussex SHMA 2009 • West_Sussex_transport_plan_2011-2026_low res

Latest News

On 5 November the Parish Council agreed that the draft Neighbourhood Plan should go out for public consultation on Friday 7 November for a period of six weeks.

The draft plan and a consultation response form will be available on this website from Friday onwards. There will be a leaflet through your door shortly. Please read it and then join in the consultation. Thank you.