Important notice regarding the Parish’s Public Consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan (7 November – 19 December)

The consultation has now concluded and our thanks go to those who have personally taken the time to complete the consultation form.

However, we have been carefully monitoring the progress of our Public Consultation and in the past three days, we have become aware that two IP addresses (that is, two computer routers) have been used to submit 52 separate Consultation response forms. These forms all bear different individual’s names, and all use twenty-three identical words objecting to Swallowfield Nursery’s inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan.

We have taken advice on this matter and when the Consultation Statement is written summarising the views of parish residents, these 52 forms will be put in a separate annex with an explanatory note. This will make the facts about our Public Consultation clear to Horsham District Council and the Independent Examiner. The Consultation Statement and the annex, when written, will be in the Public domain but all residents’ names will be removed. If anyone has concerns after reading this notice, please contact the Secretary of the Neighbourhood Plan by e-mail at

Can we conclude by thanking all residents who, during 2014, have supported this huge task of getting a Neighbourhood Plan thus far, and wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Valerie Court, Chair of Nuthurst Parish Council

Owen Hydes, OBE, Chair of the Steering Group’s Neighbourhood Plan

Update on Swallowfield Nursery

You have already received an 8 page, anonymous booklet wanting this site removed from the Neighbourhood Plan. Now, you will have received a one page flyer lobbying for the same thing. These are NOT from the Neighbourhood Plan team.

Please note that Swallowfield Nursery is the ONLY site in the Parish that is in HORSHAM DISTRICT COUNCIL’s list of developable sites. That is a very strong reason why it is IN the NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN.

The Neighbourhood Plan has been accepted by the Parish Council and will also need to be accepted by HORSHAM DISTRICT COUNCIL

For ACCURATE information about the Swallowfield Nursery site, please click here: Site 1

For the relevant page in the draft Neighbourhood Plan on this site please click here and go to page 23, policy 2: Final Nuthurst DraftNP Consultation 07.11.2014

Please support ALL the sites in the Neighbourhood Plan. They have all been carefully assessed and thought through. We need this Plan to SUCCEED and protect us all from speculative development and save the fields, woods and wildlife that we all enjoy. Thank you.