Swallowfield Nursery: Latest Information

  • As you know, this is one of the very strongest sites in the Neighbourhood Plan. It scored well on the planning criteria and is the only developable site in the Parish in Horsham District Council’s SHLAA.
  • The owner has applied to HDC for outline planning permission for 9 houses.
  • Following advice from our Planning Consultant, the Parish Council decided to SUPPORT the outline planning application with the following caveats:
    (1) Swallowfield Nursery remains in the Neighbourhood Plan;
    (2) The houses count towards the Neighbourhood Plan’s total; and
    (3) All policies in the Neighbourhood Plan applicable to Swallowfield Nursery are met.
  • Furthermore the Parish Council pointed out that 70% of the residents who participated in the public consultation (November/December 2014) on the draft Neighbourhood Plan unconditionally supported the Neighbourhood Plan and all its sites, including Swallowfield Nursery.
  • You can read the Parish Council’s SUPPORT on HDC’s Planning website, www.horsham.gov.uk/planning, and searching for application number DC/14/2755.

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