Submission Neighbourhood Plan

Here is our Submission Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents that have been submitted to Horsham District Council. The Plan has been prepared after extensive consultation with residents. It delivers what residents said they wanted – small developments spread across the Parish with mainly smaller houses for young people and older people to down-size. Horsham District Council will decide whether the Plan is robust enough to go to the Independent Examiner.

Submission Neighbourhood Plan

Sustainability Appraisal incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment

Consultation Statement

Basic Conditions Statement

Evidence Base

CILE SOP ReportFinalCoastal West Sussex SHMA 2012Employment Land Review 2009 Summary part 2 • Employment Land Review 2009 summaryFEC Closing report – Final version 24.03.2014 • FINAL_SHLAA_Report_MAR_2014Gatwick Diamond Local_Strategic_StatementH&D input for SOTP report v1 as submittedHigh Weald AONB Briefing NoteHighWealdManagementPlan_March_2014_2019 • HorshamInfrastructureStudy_May10HorshamSFRA_AppendixBL1 Landscape Character Assessment • Landscape Capacity Study 2014_Mannings_HeathLandscape Capacity StudyLandscape-Capacity-Study2014M1 Landscape Character AssessmentN1 Landscape Chararacter AssessmentNPCNP Final State of the Parish Report Final 19.05.2014Nuthurst Housing Needs Survey Report – March 2014 – Final Amended • Nuthurst NP community Survey Report – March 2014 – Final 10.4.14 – Appendices broken down by place • Nuthurst NP_Draft SA Report_Nov 2014 (Final)Nuthurst Parish Action plan (2006) • Report on Young People’s EventsRevReportonBusinessEvent • Sport-Open-Space-Recreation-Assmt2014 • Summary_Retail_Healthcheck_Update_2005T&TClosingReportFinalWest Sussex SHMA 2009 • West_Sussex_transport_plan_2011-2026_low res

Revised: local green spacesRev1Feb2015SiteAssessmentReport

 Appendices to Consultation Statement

Appendix A Funding application and confirmation (1)Appendix B Terms of ReferenceAppendix C Appointment of AirSAppendix D Plan Area DesignationAppendix E. Example from WebsiteAppendix F Articles in West Sussex County Times • Appendix G General Survey • Appendix H Housing Needs SurveyAppendix I Inaugral Public MeetingAppendix J Open Day Schedule of Publicity • Appendix K Example OD Display PanelAppendix L Open Day Responses •  Appendix M Stakeholder WorkshopAppendix N Stakeholder Workshop ResponsesAppendix O Call for SitesAppendix P Summary of LO Meetings and Plans – 3 • Appendix Q Site Selection Criteria & Assessment (2)  • Appendix R List of Consultees Pre-submission (1)Appendix S. Pre-submission plan responses from residents and Steering Group responsesAppendix T. Pre-submission Plan responses from organisations & Steering Group’s responses (1)Appendix U Part 1 Response from Statutory Consultees (1)Appendix U Part 2 HDC comments on Nuthurst Draft NP Consultation (1)

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