The Neighbourhood Plan

Our Neighbourhood Plan

Shaping the future of Nuthurst Parish

Nuthurst Parish Council has been designated by Horsham District Council to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan under the Government’s Localism Act 2011.

Our Neighbourhood Plan will set out how many houses will be built in the Parish up to 2031 what type of houses they will be and where they will be built.

We hope to complete our draft Plan for public consultation by mid 2014 and our final Plan approved by the Parish Council, Horsham District Council, an Independent Examiner and by the residents of the Parish in a referendum, by the end of 2014.

The Plan is being prepared by a Steering Committee currently consisting of three Parish Councillors and eight residents representing different settlements in the Parish. Action in rural Sussex (AirS) has been appointed by the Parish Council as consultants to assist with the Plan. We also have four Focus Groups, consisting mainly of residents, gathering information for the State of the Parish report and the Plan.

For more information on the Plan, click here.

We would like to hear your views on what should be in our Plan and you can contact us using this form:

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