The Planning Inspectorate has dismissed both appeals against Horsham District Council’s refusals to grant planning permission for houses on land to the north of the A281 at Monks Gate.
The main reason for dismissing both appeals is that the site is not allocated in the Nuthurst Parish Neighbourhood Plan.
Many thanks to everyone who wrote in to the Planning Inspectorate and contributed to the dismissal of these appeals.
This fantastic news demonstrates how VITAL our Neighbourhood Plan is for protecting our Parish against unwanted speculative development.
You can read the Planning Inspector’s decision here: 3129950 – Appeal Decision
Owen Hydes

Appeal .. Land at Monks Gate. Current position:

The land is a field alongside the A281, opposite the junction with Nuthurst Road.
The owner had put forward this site for the Parish’s Neighbourhood Plan. It was assessed as unsuitable on planning criteria and subsequently not included in the Plan.
Following this, the owner applied to Horsham District Council (HDC) for planning permission to build 14 houses on the site. Then the owner put in another planning application, this time for 4 houses. Local people registered a massive number of objections. Both applications were refused by HDC.

In response, two appeals were made by the owner to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol. Both appeals were heard together at a Public Hearing on the 7 and 8 January 2016.
Monks Gate Residents’ Association, the Chair of Nuthurst Parish Council (Valerie Court), the Parish’s District Councillor (Toni Bradnum) and myself (Owen Hydes) spoke against the Appeal, as did officers of HDC. The owner put forward the development company, Camebridge Grove, to present her case.

Attendees at the Public Hearing then visited the site so that the Planning Inspector could further assess the arguments put forward by both sides. The Inspector’s Report has not yet been published by the Planning Inspectorate. This time-lapse between appeals and decisions is not unusual.

The Parish worked hard on its Neighbourhood Plan for over two years and very many people became involved. The Plan expresses parishioners’ wishes as to what development they want to see happen in the Parish. The Plan has full legal status having been approved by Horsham District Councillors in October 2015.

It is therefore crucial that this Appeal, which challenges the Parish’s Neighbourhood Plan, is dismissed and that this deters other landowners from taking the same action. The Planning Inspectorate’s decision is awaited and it will be placed on this site as soon as it is available.

Owen Hydes
Nuthurst Parish councillor and chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
16 Feb 2016

PS. The illegal action of felling trees on this site resulted in the Forestry Commission serving a restocking order. The owner has appealed against this, but this appeal has also yet to be determined.

A Big “Yes” Vote for Nuthurst’s Neighbourhood Plan

Last Thursday was an historic day in the Parish of Nuthurst. It held a Referendum on its Neighbourhood Plan which had taken two years to prepare. Nearly half the electors in the Parish turned out to vote in the Referendum and 86.6% of them voted “yes” to the Plan.

This means that if Horsham District Council agrees to ratify it, the Parish’s Neighbourhood Plan will become a legal planning document. It will be used to determine planning applications for sites in the Parish for the next fifteen years.

Nuthurst’s Neighbourhood Plan seeks to preserve the largely rural nature of the Parish and provides for about 50 houses, grouped in small developments across the Parish. It particularly supports smaller houses to suit the pockets of first-time buyers and downsizers. What it has sought to avoid is large developments that would overwhelm the Parish and put unacceptable strains on the primary school, roads, sewage and other infrastructure.

Mrs Valerie Court, Chair of Nuthurst Parish Council, expressed her delight that the people of the Parish had so overwhelmingly supported the Neighbourhood Plan. She added that she “was proud that Nuthurst had been the first in Horsham District Council’s area to reach Referendum”. Owen Hydes, Chair of the Steering Committee, said that the Neighbourhood Plan had been “a hugely democratic exercise with lots of involvement by people in the Parish all along the way”. He continued that it was “good that the Parish had taken control of its own future, rather than leaving it to others”.

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