Posts and comments – guidance

Website Blogs: Code of Practice


All proposed posts of blogs, including replies to blogs, by the parishioners about our Neighbourhood Plan will be monitored by designated members of the Steering Committee (the administrators) to ensure that the proposed blogs are appropriate and acceptable before they are posted on the website. The administrators will use this Code of Practice to judge what is regarded as appropriate and acceptable.

Code of Practice

  • Blogs should contain constructive comments and views about the content of the Neighbourhood Plan and the content of the State of the Parish Report and associated matters such as information about the Parish and its future for the Steering Committee and Focus Groups.
  • Blogs should not comment about the process of Neighbourhood Planning – comments about the process should be address to the Secretary of the Steering Committee, Richard Webber, at
  • Blogs should not comment about matters outside of the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Blogs should use language that is thoughtful, courteous and respectful.
  • Blogs should not use language that is abusive, inflamatory or defamatory either personally or in general.
  • Blogs should be kept as short as practical and make points concisely, effectively and efficiently.
  • Blogs should be impersonal and not mention individual members of the Steering Committee or the Focus Groups.
  • Blogs should not contain discriminatory comments about race, colour, creed etc.

Rejection of blogs

The administrators have the right to reject a blog for posting on the website, without recourse to the originator of the blog, if the blog does not conform to this Code of Practice. The administrators may, at their discretion, suggest to the originator how the blog could conform with this Code of Practice

4 thoughts on “Posts and comments – guidance

  1. Just a short message to you all in the Parish. You will now have had the Survey delivered to you by our team of volunteers. It is key to planning our future that you give serious thought to the questions being asked, we need to know what you see as being important to you and your families living in the Parish today and for the next 20 years.
    So please fill in the Survey and make sure it is POSTED by the 17th FEBRUARY – a good response will ensure we reflect your wishes.
    Richard Webber
    Secretary, NPNP

  2. Just an observation but the landowners presentations are not obvious to find. Can I suggest making it more clear on the home page?

  3. It is very encouraging to receive at our ‘information days,’ sincere thank you’s from residents across the Parish for the extensive work the Steering Committee have put in over the last 18 months to producing a balanced Neighbourhood Plan.
    Let us get this plan moving as quickly as possible, because any delays will open the door to ‘hovering’ developers.
    So don’t forget to fill in your response form on the FRONT PAGE and give us your support for the 9 sites and a YES at the referendum .
    Next INFORMATION DAYS are Saturday 6th & 13th Dec – 10 to 12.30 Village Store, Sunday, 7th Dec – 10 to 12 Copsale Village Hall.
    Any concerns or questions come along and have a chat.

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