The Plan in detail

Our Neighbourhood Plan

Shaping the future of Nuthurst Parish

1.      What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Nuthurst Parish Council has been designated by Horsham District Council to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan under the Government’s Localism Act 2011. Our Neighbourhood Plan will set out how many new homes will be built in the Parish of Nuthurst up to 2031. The Plan will say what kind of homes they will be, such as bungalows, flats, small houses, or larger houses, and where they will be built. For example they could be built on disused brown-field sites or as infill between existing houses. Once it is in place, our Neighbourhood Plan will have legal status and we understand that no other building will be permitted.

2.      Why do we need a Neighbourhood Plan?

At the moment, the six settlements in the Parish are highly vulnerable to speculative developers who have absolutely no need to bother about many issues such as: our loss of green fields, trees and wild-life, or whether there are sufficient school places, medical services, or even sufficient gas, electricity and sewerage infrastructure. Speculative development will stop when our Neighbourhood Plan is in place!

3.      How long before we get our Neighbourhood Plan?

We hope to prepare a draft Plan by mid 2014 for public consultation. Following that we hope to have the final Plan in place by the end of 2014, longer than we might wish, but it needs to jump four hurdles. Nuthurst Parish Council has to agree to it, and so does Horsham District Council and an Independent Examiner. Finally, a majority of the residents of the Parish need to support it in a public referendum.

4.      Who is preparing the Plan?

A Steering Group of three Parish Councillors and eight volunteer local residents representing different settlements in the Parish is preparing the Plan with help from the Parish’s consultants, Action in rural Sussex (AirS). Four Focus Groups, consisting mainly of volunteer residents, are collecting information about the Parish which will form the basis of a State of the Parish report and will underpin the Neighbourhood Plan. Some of this information has been provided by parishioners attending “drop – in” open meetings and other events. We are very grateful to those parishioners who have provided information and views. The Focus Groups are:

  • Housing and Development
  • Farming, Environment and Countryside
  • Community, Infrastructure and Local Economy
  • Traffic and Transport

5.      How can you become involved?

Your interest, views and support are important to us which is why there are lots of different ways for you to become involved:

  • offering to help a Focus Group;
  • attending the Steering Committee’s public meetings when you can ask questions and make comments;
  • supporting the Steering Committee and Focus Groups when they ask for views at open meetings and other events – early in the new year there will be events for young people and for business people in the Parish;
  • completing the two surveys we will be conducting early in 2014 – one a general survey for parishioners to tell us what they think about housing, farming, environment, traffic and transport and services such as electricity and sewage – the other a housing needs survey to find out about parishioners’ currents houses and what kind of houses they or their family think they will need in the future.
  • sending your views to Steering Committee by one of the following ways:
    • the contact details on this website;
    • our secretary, Richard Webber, at;
    • the Parish Council Website,;
    • Our Facebook site,; or
    • put a note in the suggestion boxes in Mannings Heath Village shop, the Black Horse in Nuthurst and the White Horse in Maplehurst;
    • taking part in the public referendum once the Plan has been written.

How can you keep up-to-date with what we are doing?

On both these sites you will find information about the Plan and dates, agendas and minutes of Steering Committee meetings

Neighbourhood Planning is a lot of work, but with your help we can create a Neighbourhood Plan that is sustainable and meets the needs of the Parish until 2031.

Owen Hydes, Chair of the Steering Committee

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