Forthcoming News about Options…. and further Consultation Opportunities


  1. Your views on Options A and B, and potential sites for the Neighbourhood Plan will be added to the website over the coming weekend.
  1. It is hoped that the Draft Neighbourhood Plan will be presented to the Parish Council in November. If the Parish Council agrees, it will then go out for a Public Consultation period of 6 weeks. We will hold another “Open Day” during this period so that you have further opportunities to ask questions and make comment.
  1. We have four special requests:
  • Please give us positive views about sites, as well as any concerns that you may have.
  • Please bear in mind that some concerns can be remedied. Measures such as drainage can be put in place to deal with flooding, site-access can be improved by re-siting and so on….
  • And please remember that development sprawl will NOT happen! Only sites listed in the Neighbourhood Plan will get the green-light for new housing.
  • Please keep consulting our web-page as your reliable and factual source of information.

Thank you – Owen Hydes, Steering Committee Chairman

If you couldn’t come to one of our ‘Open Days’

You can access all the display material about the options and the sites, but please note that the first file is very big (over 200MB). Even if you are lucky enough to have superfast broadband this will take a minute or two, with the appallingly low broadband speeds that much of the parish suffers from it could take much, much longer.

Update: Individual files now available here:

Individual site files

You can request a questionnaire to give us your views by filling in the contact form below. 

There will be a short delay before you receive the questionnaire by email as we need to ensure the integrity of the consultation process.

If possible, please submit your reply email by Sunday 14 September.

When the results of the consultation have been analysed and considered, we will let you know the outcome.

We look forward to hearing from you.